Sound Practitioner Diploma  

If you are looking for a new career in sound therapy or just want to add another branch to your already established holistic business then this maybe just the course for you.  

Over this THREE DAY COURSE you will learn:  The theory behind how sound works.  What sound healing is.  What a sound frequency and a sound wave actually are.  The importance of rhythm and volume in sound healing.  Benefits of sound.  Nitric Oxide.  Understanding the human energy centres (Chakras, aura, bio-field).  You will then be taught how to play;  

The Gong including; History, types of gong, makes of gong, mallets, gong size guide, setting up your gong, priming, understanding the surface are of the gong, where to strike the gong, mallet strokes, gong consciousness, intention setting, visualisation meditation, breath meditation, and rhythm and play patterns. 

The Himalayan (Tibetan) singing bowls including; History, healing with Tibetan bowls, setting your bowls up using the 'fifth', choosing your bowls, healing the head, the feet, the torso, relaxation therapy, balancing the chakras (front lying and back lying) and using bowls individually and for meditation.  

Crystal singing bowls including; History, types, setting up your bowls, choosing your bowls, caring for your bowls.

Hand / shamanic drums including; Types of instruments used, drum therapy, drumming circles for everyday community members, benefits, purchasing drums. 

Tuning Fork Therapy and Bio-field Clearing including; weighted and unweighted tuning forks, bio-field explained, combing and clearing the bio-field, identifying distortions in the energy field, chakras, clearing distortions, interpreting energy blockages, male and female energies, recording findings, client consultation.  

To conclude your training we will also cover;  Contraindications for sound therapy, tips on how to run a sound therapy business and things to consider when running sound baths and 1-1 treatments.   In order to satisfy the requirements of this training course you will need to sit a written exam and perform a practical assessment before obtaining your certificate.   

On completion of this fully accredited training course you will qualify as a sound practitioner which will allow you to obtain insurance to provide the following; Crystal bowl sound baths, gong sound baths, drum therapy and Tibetan bowl sound baths in a group or 1-1 setting, Tibetan bowl therapy, tuning fork therapy and bio-field clearing therapy.    

Students will have access to all of my sound healing equipment for training purposes which includes: A 32 inch chau gong, tuning forks, a complete set of chakra crystal bowls, a wide range of Tibetan singing bowls and of course all of my knowledge. 

The cost of this three day course is £695.  Tea, coffee and refreshments will be provided, you will just need to bring a packed lunch. To book on please visit my Facebook page where you will find my latest courses or alternatively you can call me direct on 07931 428 128.

THIS COURSE IS AVAILABLE 1-1 at no extra cost at a time that suits you. To schedule your sound practitioner course please visit my online booking page where you can book your course up to 2021.  Finance options available.