Soul Transformation Therapy 

Soul Transformation Therapy is a new and complete therapy system which uses Soul Plan Tarot Style 'Polarity; cards to determine your deeper current 'core' issue which is the root cause of whatever challenge or block is preventing you from reaching your full potential.  The therapy works by identifying with the story behind this blockage which will then determine which of the several key healing interventions is most appropriate to clear this pattern of behaviour, thought, feeling and emotion.  This is referred to as the separation pattern.  

The several key therapy interventions include; Core balancing and Vow break, Soul Retrieval, Soul Plan Trauma Release, Odic Bonding, Soul Plan Hologram / Akashic Reading, Boundary Tapping with Polarity Infinity Re-wiring and Soul Plan Energy Archetypes and Shadows (sub personalities).  These interventions connect with your Unconscious heart and soul vibration.  The deep and sensitive nature of this healing allows us to work at core level and reintegrate into our present personality state which allows us to heal from within and become less inclined to fall back into old and damaging patterns of behaviour as we reconnect with our true selves and enhance healing at all levels of both our conscious and unconscious minds.   

Furthermore, when the soul is constricted into the physical body it is expressed through many sub selves which varies our central awareness leaving us detached from certain aspects of our true essence.  We are influenced by archetypes and polarities which take up considerable space in our inner worlds which can then manifest into the physical world as circumstances and experiences which prevent us from achieving our full potential.  In order to achieve integration we must bring unconscious sub-selves into conscious awareness to achieve equilibrium. 

Soul Transformation Therapy can help you to understand your true self and overcome any patterns of negative behaviour which have been holding you back from achieving your goals and life purpose.  It is as the title suggests 'Transformational'

I am Interested In Soul Transformation Therapy, now what?

To book an appointment please send me an email via my contact page or call me on 07931 428 128 for an initial consultation. 

On the day of your treatment we will sit together and discuss:

  1. Your reasons for attending therapy 

  2. Presenting issues and patterns affecting your life 

  3. The area in your life which you would most like to work on for this session 

  4. Exchange and sign a consent form for your treatment 

The Therapy Session will follow the below structure:

  1. Determine the separation pattern using Soul Plan Healing Cards

  2. Establish the story connected to the separation pattern identified

  3. Determine the intervention

  4. Intervention therapy 

  5. Integration of healing with forgiveness

  6. Future spread to identify what has been healed, solution for new behaviour and reward for doing so

  7. Grounding and spiritual closing exercise

Sessions are carried out in 60 minute slots and are charged at £75 per hour.  

NB - It is not compulsory to have a Soul Plan Reading prior to Soul Transformation Therapy but the two elements do compliment each other.