Soul Plan 

Most of us are not consciously clear on what it is we want to achieve in our lifetime and many of our aspirations are usually the result of social and cultural conditioning combined with our sheer determination to survive.  But, what is a life without purpose? what is a smile that masks inner frustrations? what is achievement in the absence of passion and joy? 

Soul Plan is a practical method of aligning a person with their true self (soul). This  practice is commonly associated with Hebrew numerology and its teachings assume that numerical equivalence of letters, words and phrases are not coincidental and do in fact represent creative force and energy.  

Your Soul Plan will allow you to understand yourself on a deeper level.  It will help you to understand your past and present struggles and patterns of behaviour.  You will feel empowered and enlightened with a deep sense of connection and realisation of your purpose as you navigate a life that truly resonates with yourself at a much deeper level. 

Your soul plan will help you to understand your challenges and past experiences, reveal your talents and goals and provide deep and profound insight to allow you to discover your core essence, and higher purpose.  It will also provide you with clear guidance on anything that may be blocking you to allow you to realise and live your full and true life potential, your Soul Destiny. 

Your Soul Destiny can be found in your full given name at Birth.  Reports cost £90 and are delivered by email with a 1- 1.5 hour consultation which can be conducted via Skype.  .  

I am keen to get my Soul Plan report, what next?

If a Soul Plan is of interest to you then please email me today via my contact form or call 07931428128 to discuss.  I will need your full name at birth to compile your chart.  NB Due to the time it takes to compile and present this report I will need payment to be made upfront, which is non refundable.  

On receipt of payment I will compile your soul plan and arrange an appointment with you for your full soul plan reading which can be done in person or over the telephone. This session will take around 90 minutes and will include an opening meditation & grounding exercise, a full soul plan reading and a closing meditation. 

You will be sent a copy of your soul plan via email or post (whatever is most convenient for you)