Soul Nutrition - Journey to self   

Soul Nutrition - Journey To Self  £​1,110

This 12 month course will take you on a journey to your highest self.  This course consists of 12 modules which requires you to attend in person, 1-2 days a month (weekend) at my business premises in Culcheth, Warrington. This course will start in January 2021 and finish in December 2021 and on completion you will have journeyed to a place of knowing who you, understanding your challenges and what you are here to achieve in this lifetime, realised your own potential, developed a survival kit for the soul, developed a connection with your energetic self and understand how to take care of your mind, body and soul. You will also be more aware of what is available to you to help you get out of your own way including the support of your spirit guides and the angelic realm.  By enrolling on this course you can look forward to:

Module 1 Soul Plan - Saturday 9th, Sunday 10th January 2021

Soul Plan is a practical method of aligning a person with their authentic self (soul).  This practice is commonly associated with Hebrew Numerology and its teachings assume that numerical equivalence of letters, words and phrases are not coincidental and do in fact represent creative forces of energy.  Your soul plan will allow you to understand yourself on a deeper level.  It will help you to make sense of your past and present challenges and patterns of behaviour.  It will empower you to awaken your talents and strive forward to achieve your goals whilst revealing your soul destiny for this incarnation.  Your soul destiny can be found in your full given name at birth.  You will receieve a full reading and report to kick start your journey to self.  Readings can be done in person or via zoom and will take place on the above dates.

Module 2 Values, Belief clearing and the Law of Attraction - Sunday 7th Feb 9:30-4:30pm 

In this module we will spend the day identifying with our values and limiting beliefs using exercises to help clear these beliefs and create new empowering ones.  Prescriptions for belief clearing will include; socratic questioning, ho'oponopono, nevilising, thought stopping & reframing, chord cutting & vow breaking, infinity rewiring and positive affirmations.  We will then spend the afternoon building our vision board for the coming year.  In addition you will recieve your first comprehensive manual, folder and your journal for recording your journey to self.  You will also be given a 4-week gratitude journal which is to be completed daily and prior to the next module to help you to develop an attitude of gratitude. 

Module 3 Chakra Clear and Connect - Saturday 6th March 9:30-4:30pm

In this module we delve deep into understanding our energetic selves, focusing on the chakras, the aura, the biofield and their connection to the physical body, signs of imbalance and how you can heal, clear, unblock and reconnect with your energetic self. Throughout the day we will perform exercises to awaken you to each of your chakra centres and on completion you will go away with a log in for my online 21 day chakra clear and connect programme which will become your homework for this module.  You will also have lifetime access to this programme.  In addition you will recieve your second comprehensive manual to add to your file. 

Module 4 Meditation & Mindfulness - Sunday 4th April 9:30-4:30pm 

In this module you will be introduced to mindfulness and meditation practices to help you develop a calm mind.  We will spend the day practicing an array of meditations which will include; using the senses (sight, taste, tough, hearing), naming a thought, counting the breath, colour therapy, guided and more.  You will embark on a journey of becoming a mindful watcher of your thoughts and you will leave the session with a 4 week meditation plan to help you develop a habit of meditation and using mindful practices throught your day to support a healthy mind, body and soul.  In addition you will also recieve your third comprehensive manul to add to your file. 

Module 5 Working with Angels & Oracle Cards - Sunday 2nd May 9:30-4;30pm

In this module you will gain valuable insight into the healing power of the archangels, your guardian angel and your spirit guides.  You will also recieve your very own deck of angel oracle cards (Kyle Grey, Angel Prayers) and learn all about; choosing your deck, clearing, protection, selecting cards, jumping cards, upside down cards, card spreads (single, past, present & future, box spread, traditional spread, spirit guide spread, romany spread) how to interpret the messages, symbols and meaning of colours.  You will also be taken through a guided meditation to invite the love and support of the angelic realm into your life.  In addition you will recieve a 4-week angel prayers homework manual to help you to connect with specific angels and understand how they can benefit your life.  You will also recieve your fourth comprehensive manual to add to your file. 

Module 6 Nutrition for Intuition - Saturday 5th June 9:30-4:30pm 

In this module we will look at how food can impact our intuition and also the effect that chemicals, the pharmaceutical industry and the meat industry has on our wellbeing or should I say ill being!  We will also look into super foods and how nutirion corresponds to the health of our chakras and can effect our energetic selves.  Throughout the day you will be given healthy foods to taste and you will leave with a 4-week nutrition plan to help kick start a healthier way of living.  NB this plan will only consist of foods to try to introduce into your diet it will not replace your current eating habits unless of course you want it to!  You will also be required to keep a food and mood journal to track your progress and how you are feeling.  In addition you will also recieve your fifth comprehensive manual to add to your file. 

Module 7 Intuition & Psychic Awareness - Saturday 3rd July 9:30 - 4:30pm

In this module you will learn all about your own innate gifts! We will look at what psychic and intuitive abilities are, the history and types of ability.  You will then be taken through a guided meditation to connect with your highest self before moving on to work in pairs to identify with your aura, clairvoyance and clairessence (I see, I feel) dowsing, creative writing, Reading tarrot and many more fun games.  On completion of the day you will be sent away with a 4 week development plan for activities for you to practice to fine tune your own awakened skills.  In addition you will recieve your Sixth comprehensive manual to add to your folder.

Module 8 Manifesting with the moon - Sunday 8th August 9:30 - 4:30pm     

In this module you wil learn all about the moon and how to use her energies to manifest what you seek into your life and to let go of what is no longer serving you.  This module is also being held on the eve of the new moon making it even more powerful!  You will learn about, the phases of the moon, star signs, the 12 houses both in a full moon and a new. You will also work out your rising sign and perform a full new moon ritual before leaving.  On completion you will be given a 4 week moon diary to note how you feel during each phase of the moon which will help you to understand how the moon effects your life and your energies.  In addition you will also get your seventh comprehensive manual for your folder. 

Module 9 Usui Reiki Level 1 - Sunday 5th September 9:30 - 4:30pm 

In this module you will be attuned to Usui Reiki Level 1 which allows you to heal yourself, friends and family. The powerful physical and emotional balancing that reiki provides leads to personal and spiritual development. You will learn about the history and origins of Usui reiki, the reiki principles, protection techniques, how to give a full body reiki treatment, self-healing, introduction to anatomy, energy systems and chakras, how reiki can be used in your every day life. Upon completion you will recieve your eighth comprehensive manual to add to your folder and a journal to log your 21 day reiki cleanse which will commence at the moment of your reiki attunement. You will also be encouraged to practice self healing daily until your next module commences. 

Module 10 Crystals & Crystal Healing - Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd October 9:30 - 4:30pm 

In this module you will be introduced to the powerful healing benefits of crystals and recieve your level 1 foundation crystal healing certificate which allows you to work on yourself and with friends and family.  This module will cover the history of crystals, types of crystals, how crystals promote healing, understanding crystals and our energy fields including the aura and the seven chakras of the body, crystals for healing the chakras, crystals for balancing and healing the aura, crystals for everyday ailments (depression & anxiety, stress, headaches & migraines,  menstrual tension, balancing of overall health) and stones for use during meditation. In addition you will learn how to build and utilise your own crystal grid, programme your crystals, work with crystals to enhance your own wellbeing, work with crystal pendulums, choose your crystals and care for your crystals.​​ You will then be shown how to heal and balance your own chakras, balance the chakras of another person, heal pain using amethyst trails, work with additional healing crystals for every day niggles, apply a basic quartz point grid.  You will also recieve your very own set of chakra crystals and upon completion your ninth comprehensive manual to add to your folder. 

Module 11 Protection, Introduction to spells and Feng Shui - Sunday 7th November 09:30 - 4:30pm

 In this module you wil learn all about protection and why it is important to protect your space and your own energy.  You will also be introduced to the art of Feng Shui to create free flowing energy in any space you occupy.  In addition, you will be introduced to the power of spells and the various methods and tools that you can use to manifest positivity, change and abundance into your own life.  On completion you will be given a 4 week plan for casting spells so you can experience the power and positive shifts you can create in your own life by introducing magic and working with the natural elements. You will also recieve your tenth comprehensive manual to add to your folder.

Module 12 Heal yourself with sound - Saturday 4th December 09:30 - 4:30pm  

In this final module you will be introduced to the healing power of sound and you will also recieve your very own Tibetan Bowl, Tuning Fork & Tingsha Bell.  This module will include history of sound, the mind, how sound heals, subliminal tones, solfeggio frequencies, intuitive movement, meditation, how to heal yourself using bowls, forks, gong, tingsha bells, Tibetan bowl and gong sound bath experience and how to incorporate sound into your daily living.  Upon completion you will recieve your final comprehensive manual and your course certificates (reiki level 1 & Crystals & crystal healing foundation level).  

This 12 month course is a powerful experience which will awaken the divine within you.  It will place you in your own spiritual power and enhance your knowledge of self which will serve to empower you in your continued journey.  In addition, you will embark on this journey with like minded souls who are likely to grow to become your life long friends. You will also accumulate a comprehensive surivial guide for the soul which you can continue to use as your journey forth in your life.  Also included in the price of this course is a journal, set of chakra stones, tibetan bowl, tuning fork, tingsha bells, a set of angel oracle cards, your level 1 reiki attunement and your foundation certificate in crystal healing.  In addition you will recieve a 20% discount against any of my practitioner training courses (1 time offer) to kick start your career in holistic therapies. 

The cost of this 12 month course is £1,110.  There are 3 ways in which you can pay for this course. (1) Full Payment £1,110 (2) £250 deposit followed by 4 consecutive monthly payments of £215 (3) £250 deposit followed by 6 consecutive monthly payments of £143.34.  If you choose a monthly payment plan then payments will need to be made in full on or before the 25th of each month.  Failure to pay will result in you being removed from the course and no refund will be given for the monies already paid.  Finance options available

This course is limited to 8 spaces and you must be available to attend on all the above dates. To secure your place please call me on 07931 428 128 or contact me using the link below.