Reiki Practitioner Training  

Reiki level 1 attunement is perfect for anybody who is interested in Reiki.  This stage gives you the knowledge to use reiki healing on family, friends and yourself.  The powerful physical and emotional balancing leads to personal and spiritual development. This course is run over one day and will cover:  The history and origins of Usui reiki, the reiki principles, protection techniques, how to give a full body reiki treatment, self-healing, introduction to anatomy, energy systems and chakras, how reiki can be used in every day life. 

During this course you will enjoy a relaxing meditation prior to your attunement allowing you to fully embrace and enjoy the reiki energies.  You will enjoy your day in the comfortable surroundings of Cheshire Beauty & Well-being whilst the reiki energies are passed from master to student.  You will also have plenty of time to practice using reiki energy. 

Tea & Coffee are provided and on completion you will receive your certificate, reiki lineage and a comprehensive manual.  The cost of this course is £100.  To book your first step onto Reiki please call 07931 428 128

Reiki level 2 brings about a more powerful understanding of the reiki energies.  Reiki second degree will give you the ability to practice as a reiki therapist if you so wish.

Reiki level 2 is about deepening your understanding of reiki healing and continuing the journey you began with reiki 1.  It builds on firm foundations and increase the vibration and frequency of the individual and energetic connection.  This will increase your personal development.  You will also receive the knowledge of the symbols and how and when to use them.  You will also be able to gain insurance and begin working with the general public.

Reiki level 2 enables you to work towards becoming a reiki practitioner and subjects covered will include; reiki meditation, reiki symbols, ways to use the symbols, sacred space, distant healing, practical work, reiki level 2 attunement.  You will also receive full tuition, theory and practical and on going support as and when you need it. 

Tea & Coffee are provided and on completion you will receive your certificate, reiki lineage and a comprehensive manual.  The cost of this course is £125.  To book on or enquire further please call 07931 428 128

Reiki Level 3 & 4 is for people who have already taken Reiki 1 and 2 and had at least one year of practice since their reiki 2 training and now wish to make a serious commitment to Reiki.  

This course contains advanced teachings, the reiki master attunement, the master symbols, reiki meditation techniques, opportunities for other optional energy practices such as a crystal grid. 

Some Reiki teachers combine levels 3 & 4 however, not everyone wants to teach reiki and a reiki 3 course without the teaching component allows much more meaningful time to be spent on the students own spiritual development.  Therefore I believe it is best practice to separate the two courses, as they are very different in nature. 

For those wanting to teach, an additional 2 hrs training will be provided at the end of this course and students will receive their full master teacher qualification, certificate and comprehensive manual. The total cost of which is £250.  For those students who do not require the master teacher level the cost is £200.

To book your next reiki course please visit my online booking page where you can schedule up to August 2021 or to enquire please call 07931 428 128