Refund and Cancellation Policy   

My policies have been put in place to protect you the purchaser and me the practitioner.  As I am sure you will understand, my time is valuable and appointments which are cancelled or unattended by the client could have been made available to another client.  With this in mind the below are the terms laid out for clients working with Inner-Wisdom Holistic Training Academy. 

Any pre-paid and scheduled appointments will be fully refunded ONLY if notice of cancellation is given 48 hours prior to the scheduled appointment.  Cancellations after this time period will not be refunded. (Excluding spiritual life coaching)

If a further appointment is not scheduled (upon notification of cancellation and in accordance with the above) payments will be transferred back to the account from which it was purchased.  Please allow 7-10 days for this transaction via. (Excluding spiritual life coaching)

Once payment has been received for any Spiritual Life Coaching sessions (Platinum, Gold, Silver) and after a 14 day period where commitment has been made by the purchaser to attend sessions which have been subsequently scheduled and agreed, no refund will be awarded if the client chooses to cancel prior to the full schedule of sessions being completed or fails to attend sessions as previously agreed. 

Any coaching sessions missed and not rescheduled 48 hours prior to the session taking place will be deemed scheduled and no refund or additional session will be granted. 

If payment is received for Spiritual Life Coaching and the client decides they no longer wish to proceed PRIOR to an initial consultation and the scheduling of appointments a full refund will be awarded.  If the client withdraws within 14 days of making payment and scheduling appointments a refund will be awarded at minus 10% of the cost price.  Any appointments attended within this 14 day period will be deducted from the refund at a rate of £60 per session.   Please allow 7 days for this transaction.

If you have any further questions on my refunds and cancellation policy please feel free to contact me on 07931 428 128