Online Soul Academy  

Spiritual Life Coaching Diploma - Fully Accredited £125

This course is fully accredited and has been designed and created to take you on your own healing journey whilst providing you with a qualification to move forward and support others.   The cost of this online training course is £125 and will provide you with both theory and practical application of spiritual life coaching concepts.  This course has been designed by me based on my own life experiences both personal and as a Holistic Practitioner and qualified Spiritual Life Coach.  At the end of this course you will receive a certificate which qualifies you to practice with the general public as a Spiritual Life Coach and obtain the relevant insurance.  

This course covers;  An overview of what is spiritual life coaching is,  what skills are required, history of spiritual life coaching, benefits to both the client and the coach, differences between coaching and counselling, the importance and value of effective questioning including; open and closed, solution orientated, rambling, interpretive, rhetorical and leading question, benefits of interrupting a client, how to establish a platform to work from and the most common areas for Spiritual Life Coaching and how these can be addressed. 

You will also be guided through various prescriptions via video tutorial and practical tasks which you can use to support your clients development including;  Meditation, Infinity Rewiring with Boundary Tapping, Cord Balancing & Vow Breaking, Creating vision boards, Gratitude diary, Mood diary, Fake it until you make it, Acquisition of new skills, Assertiveness training, Reducing clutter, Thought stopping and re-framing, Positive affirmations, Yoga / chi gong to raise vibration, Holistic Therapies and Self-help authors and books.

This course will also give you insight into running a spiritual life coaching business including information on; Charging for Spiritual Life Coaching, Professional Conduct, Spiritual Life Coaching & the law, Fraudulent Mediumship, Premises, Advertising, Guidelines for dealing with clients expressing suicidal tendencies, Legal Obligations, Confidentiality, Insurance & Associations, Consent Forms & Treatment forms, Contraindications.

You will also receive a comprehensive appendix of forms in your manual which is available to download and print.  This appendix includes; Client code of conduct form, Coach-ability Index, Goal setting and agreement, Reflexion Exercise, Spiritual Life Coaching Disclaimer, Client details form, Medical declaration, Life purpose questionnaire, values exercise and more!​

The cost of this course is £125.  There are knowledge checks throughout the course to make sure you have understood the information delivered.  At the end you will recieve a signed PDF copy of your certificate which qualifies you as a spiritual life coach and enables you to obtain insurance and work with the general public.  This is a great course for anyone looking to pursue a career as a spiritual life coach and is also suitable for those looking to get to know themselves on a deeper level while learning self-help techniques to further their own personal development.