Near Death Experience

On June 16th 2018 whilst on a sporting holiday in Croatia I experienced a NDE caused by a ruptured aneurysm in my brain commonly known as a brain hemorrhage. This is my story:

It was 10:55 am on Saturday 16th June 2018 and I was heading to my fitness class.  As I ran down the path in between the main building and the cabins, the sun crept out from behind the clouds and began to shimmer on the oceanfront ahead of me. I retrieved an exercise mat from the shed and placed it on the fitness deck in preparation for burpees. The music started and I dropped down for my first burpee leaping up from my mat determined to fit as many in as possible in the time allowed.

It felt as though I had been struck in the back of my head with a pick axe! the pain was like nothing else I had ever experienced. I fell to my knees crying out with pain as I felt my stomach turn inside out. I heard my step dad's voice as everyone around me appeared to carry on exercising. This was pain like no other. My world began closing in on me. I felt the life force within me draining fast and I suddenly knew that I was dying, I was staring death in the face and I was helpless, speechless and slowly going blind with pain. Everything and everyone seemed to merge into a blur of colours as the ground absorbed my broken body.

I was gone yet I wasn't but the pain was no more. I felt euphoric, blissful and completely encased in love. I felt safe and secure, powerful and amazing. I was somehow connected to everything and everyone and I was aware of my surroundings yet not fully in my surroundings. I then noticed a shadow above me and felt something or someone holding my head in their hands, it was my grandad who passed in 2009 and he presented in his human form exactly as I remembered him. With my head in his hands I received the message "Jo this has to happen here and it has to happen now but you are going to be perfectly ok".  I then noticed an elderly woman hovering over me with her hand held out towards me, I recognised this woman as my Great Grandmother and she was telling me to stay with my physical body as it wasn't my time.  I also felt the presence of my Great Grandad (my grandad's dad) who was there to support my grandad.

I opened my eyes and It was 4:10 pm. I remember thinking to myself that was a really bad headache and I must have passed out from it as the last time I looked at the clock it was 10:55am. It was in fact now Sunday 17th June and some 29 hours since I collapsed on the fitness deck. I then heard a familiar voice and I felt their hand on my head. I was confused, I was definitely in hospital but what had happened to me? Why was I attached to all these machines? Is my grandad still here? was this real or was I asleep and dreaming?

I was then told that I had suffered a brain hemorrhage on the fitness deck the previous day. I was now 3 hours away from resort in intensive care having had major brain surgery. The surgeon had fed three titanium coils through my main artery, behind my heart and into the back of my head, plugging the bleed in my brain. I was not to remove the heart monitor off my finger, nor was I to move the padding from my groin which was there to prevent me bleeding out from my main artery. The drips in my hands and arms were there to hydrate me and administer painkillers and I had been fitted with a catheter. I wasn't in pain and I was definitely back inside my now fixed body.

I spent 7 days in intensive care some of which I was present for and most of which I wasn't but I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I was going to be perfectly ok and my recovery would be quick. I wasn't wrong and on day number 8 I was released to a ward. My experience of intensive care is somewhat fragmented. I do not recall the pain and suffering my family describe on their visits because I believe I detached myself from my physical pain. It is as though I would visit my body, gauge the level of pain my physical body was experiencing without owning that pain and then somehow remove myself to the inner place of peace that I had found. It was a place of knowing, where everything I had come to believe on my spiritual journey was somehow reinforced to me. I can't actually put this into words as there are no words in the human realm which do my experience justice. It was simply a knowing. I was peaceful, I was enough, I was loved, I was part of everything and everyone and I had access to this magic all the time and any time I chose. I felt excited to reconnect with my physical body and I suddenly had a sense of purpose like never before in that all I have experienced to date I am going to use to help heal others and guide them back to their highest selves so that they too can live a life free from pain and suffering. I no longer had to doubt myself or my understanding of life and I could move forward in confidence knowing that I am enough!

On day 8 I was removed from intensive care and placed on a ward which was much less intense. I remember my family showing me video footage of me in intensive care and the first thing I noticed was the look in my eyes. It was different, it was bright and It was reflecting my inner most experience but I sensed only I was aware of it. The glint I recognised was not visible to the physical eye. To everyone looking at my picture they only see the physical me but when I look at those pictures I see the story and the experience on the inside. The story only my soul can relay.

There were 3 of us on my ward and we had all experienced a brain hemorrhage. However, I was very different to the other patients. My first real and fully present experience inside my newly repaired physical body involved me throwing my food up all over the nurse. My brain injury was linked to my gag reflex and as such I had not yet mastered the art of keeping solid food down. On wards and upwards. I asked the nurse If I could have a shower and she re-appeared moments later with a bucket of water and drew my curtain. Politely I asked if I could have a 'real' shower and she suggested that I should not at this stage be walking around but reluctantly took me down in a wheelchair and then sat and watched me shower! Awkward but I understood.

I soon realised that in terms of ability I was streets ahead of the souls I shared the ward with. The young lady next to me had been in hospital for months following her experience and had only recently been able to walk around unaided. She still took medication 3 times a day for severe headaches and spent much of her time sleeping. The lady opposite me was much less fortunate and was referred to a care home where she would likely require life long care. I felt like I no longer belonged in hospital and was concerned that I was taking up valuable space. I hadn't suffered any of the headaches I was warned about. I no longer required any medication of any kind and I was more than capable of fending for myself. Aside from a delicate gag reflex and very mild vertigo you wouldn't actually know there was anything wrong with me!

During this part of my hospital stay I had considerable time to reflect on my experience and the events leading up to my brain hemorrhage. The more I thought about the recent events the more I realised the significance of what had taken place and the true power and presence of divine intervention. What do I mean by divine intervention?

The holiday was a gift from source ensuring I was in the right place at the right time. Here is why: On the 3rd of June 2018 I flew to Croatia on a friends and family ticket. This came about because of our holiday in 2017 where my family and I became friends with the tennis coach. The resort had undergone a refurbishment over the winter months and management allowed staff to invite friends and family for the opening week to trial the new facilities and provide feedback prior to the resort being open to the general public. Had we not been invited we wouldn't have been in Croatia. Divine intervention number 1!

On Tuesday 5th June 2018 the tennis coach advised that he had been offered more free spaces the following week but his friends and family couldn't make it at such short notice. He suggested we stay for another week and reschedule our flights. Divine intervention number 2! During my first week I had taken to wake-boarding which involved being dragged around the ocean at high speed with my feet strapped to a board! I loved it and had really started to get the hang of it. On Sunday 10th June 2018 a lady arrived in resort who wore a leg brace and having had a serious knee injury myself I was keen to find out what she had done. It turned out she had torn her knee wake-boarding! The universe knowing me as well as it does, knew that this would keep me of the water and it did! I never went wake-boarding again on that holiday because I couldn't risk another injury to my knee. Had I been on the water when my brain aneurysm burst I wouldn't be here today to share my story. Divine intervention number 3!

On Saturday 16th June 2018 when I had my Brain hemorrhage I was exercising right next to a paramedic. This paramedic was in fact in Croatia by chance! she too had come along last minute in replace of another lady who couldn't make it. In addition there happened to be a doctor from the UK watching the class from the balcony of her cabin which was right next to the fitness deck. The defibrillator that was used to save my life was less than 2 meters from where I collapsed and the ambulance base was right next door to the resort meaning the ambulance crew were on site in less than 4 minutes! Divine intervention numbers 4,5 and 6! and finally, the European specialist brain surgeon who performed my surgery was holidaying in Croatia and was flown in to perform my surgery and he saved my life! Divine intervention number 7!

I believe I was in exactly the right place at exactly the right time because of divine intervention and I now understand more than ever the importance of going with the flow and being open to opportunity. It really is so amazing!

On day 10 the doctor agreed that I was fit to leave the hospital! They could not find any reason to keep me there and were overwhelmed with my remarkable recovery. My surgery was a complete success, the blood had been reabsorbed from my brain and I had no neurological or physiological problems. I had become one of the very few to survive such a life threatening experience and I was in the elite few to survive with no side effects whatsoever and to be discharged from hospital after just 10 days. I felt truly alive for the first time in my life! I felt so much love for everyone and everything. I couldn't stop smiling and I was so excited and felt so blessed to have had such an amazing experience that I couldn't sleep either!

I walked out of that hospital on June 27th on my own two feet with not a damn thing wrong with me! and I now know like I've never known before that death does not exist. We never die only our physical body dies. We are all connected and we create our own realities with our thoughts and feelings. Divine intervention is all around us and we are all guided by source. Life itself is very precious. We take for granted the amazing machines our bodies actually are! There is no technology on this planet that can match the capabilities of our physical selves. There is no medicine in the world that can match our own healing powers!

Life is a gift. We are all amazing beings and we are all perfect just the way we are! Everything negative that we experience only exists in our minds. We are here to live a life filled with passion by loving ourselves and each other and by expressing our true nature and being creative in our endeavours. Change starts with one person at a time and like a ripple effect it will spread across humanity to create lives worth living in a world worth saving.

My name is Joanne Houghton and I was reborn on 16th June 2018

Love and Light x