Crystal Healing 

What is Crystal Healing? 

Crystals are powerful healing tools which can be be used to boost your natural spiritual healing power.  Crystals can help with your physical, emotional, spiritual and financial health.  They support balanced and romantic relationships, improve quality of sleep, amplify healing power and leave you feeling happier and more at peace in yourself. 

Crystal healing is achieved by laying crystals on specific areas of the body to assist in the mending process required within ourselves. The crystals are chosen and laid on the body through intuition.  

Crystal energy is a truly amazing ally for strengthening and repairing areas of imbalance in all areas of the physical body.  On completion of your session I will guide you to the crystals that will be of most benefit to your healing process.  You can then continue with crystal healing in your day to day life either by carrying the crystals with you or wearing them as a decorative piece of jewelry.  You may even choose to introduce them into your home or use them in conjunction with meditation. 

Crystal healing sessions are provided in 60 minute (£35) slots and there is no requirement to remove your clothing. 

I would like to book Crystal Healing, what now?

If Crystal Healing is of interest please contact me via telephone or email (contact form) to schedule your appointment.  

On the day of your appointment you will be asked to lie down and make yourself comfortable in my treatment room.  We will discuss your reasons for attending for crystal healing and I will choose crystals based on my own intuition and the issues you present with.

The crystals will then be placed on your body where the energies will work to clear blocks and cleanse any negative energies that may be causing these blocks.  On completion .of the session I will remove the crystals and awaken you from your relaxation to discuss your experiences.

If crystal healing is something you would like to experience then please contact me today.