Crystal Healing Therapist  

Crystals & Crystal healing - Foundation Course - 175.00 

This course is a foundation course which will teach you about the healing power of crystals and how they can be used to heal the mind, body and spirit.  This course allows you to heal yourself friends and family, focusing primarily on the seven chakras and the healing stones that correspond.  This course includes:

The history of crystals, types of crystals, how crystals promote healing, understanding energy including the aura and the seven chakras of the body, crystals for healing the chakras, crystals for balancing and healing the aura, crystals for everyday ailments (depression & anxiety, stress, headaches & migraines,  menstrual tension, balancing of overall health) and stones for use during meditation.

This course will also equip you with the knowledge to build and utilise your own crystal grid, programme your crystals, work with crystals to enhance your own wellbeing, work with crystal pendulums, choose your crystals and care for your crystals.​​ In addition you will learn how to heal and balance your own chakras, balance the chakras of another person, heal pain using amethyst trails, work with additional healing crystals for every day niggles, apply a basic quartz point grid. 

This course is run over two days and costs 175.00.  This price includes a comprehensive manual and a set of chakra healing stones.  This course is a foundation course and allows you to work on yourself, friends and family. To book on please visit my online booking page.  Finance options available.

Crystal Healing Practitioner - 225.00

This course is a practitioner level course and once qualified you will be able to obtain insurance and work in the public domain. This course is a progression from the foundation course and includes:

An indepth look at the human energy centres including all 12 major chakras, the minor chakras, the aura and the meridian pathways and how energy impacts the health of our mind, body and spirit, grid work for each of the chakras to focus the healing into specific areas of the body (root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown), how to apply and maximise the use and benefits of these grids.

In addition you will recieve information on how to run a crystal therapy business, guidelines, advertising legislation, insurance, professional boundaries, storing of information, client forms and so forth.

The cost of this practitioner course is 225.00 and you will be required to complete two case studies and eight crystal healing treatments before you are awarded with your certificate.  Students will also have the option to purchase all the crystals needed for the grid work carried out during training so they have the appropriate tools for the job!  This course is only available to those students who have completed the foundation course with me or can prove a foundation level in crystal healing as been attained elsewhere in person. To book on to my next available course please visit my book online page.   Finance options available.