Biofield Tuning Fork Therapist  

This course is designed to prepare and qualify you to work as a biofield tuning fork therapist.  This course will provide you with knowledge and practical application of:  Biofield balancing and clearing and how the human Biofield is defined.  How the Biofield can affect the physical body, a persons experiences and overall well-being.   The principles of sound, energy and frequency.  A detailed over view of the chakras and how they relate to our physical self and outward experiences including examples of imbalance.  How resonance works with the tuning forks, chakras and the biofield. 

In addition you will learn how to prepare your client for a therapy session.  How to strike and hold a tuning fork including which tuning fork corresponds to which chakra.   How to find the outer edge of the biofield and mark age, midway and birth points on the chart.  How to comb each chakra, identify with imbalances and detect change in pitch and vibration of the tuning fork.  How to deliver your findings to your client and close the healing.  

The cost of this course is £125.  Upon completion you will receive a fully accredited qualification which allows you to obtain insurance and offer 1-1 treatments to clients .  To find the next available course please visit my Facebook page or to enquire direct please call 07931 428 128 or get in touch via my contact page.  To book on to a biofield tuning fork therapy course please visit my online booking page which allows you to schedule a course up to August 2021.

Please note that this course has nothing to do with the training created by Eileen McKusick at the school of Biofield Tuning and does not class as a foundation course or entry level onto any other tuning fork courses you may wish to attend. This course is a stand alone course designed to teach you of the benefits of working with tuning forks to help clear and heal the human energy field.