Biofield Therapy   

The human biofield is the energetic blueprint that creates the human form.  The human biofield is multidimensional, 3 D and directly links the bodies cellular activity with the meridian pathways to create the physical form and all other vibratory aspects of being.  Meridians are the pathways of chi and blood flow through the body.

Biofield clearing is a process that uses tuning forks to locate and correct distortions in the body's energy field.  Vibrating forks are passed over the body starting at the edge of the biofield and moving slowly inwards towards the physical body.  A person's biofield is said to contain a record of an individuals life history with each field storing different emotions, relationships and time periods.  With the use of tuning forks which, indicate a change in vibration and pitch, it is possible to determine at what age a trauma occurred and what emotion or relationship was involved.   Patterns of thought, habitual emotion, and disturbances become easily identifiable. 

Tuning forks work therapeutically through the physics principle of resonance.  Initially, the fork will resonate with whatever dissonance it encounters, but after a few moments the orderly sound wave produced by the fork overtakes the dissonance being produced by the body and has a modulating effect which either settles the frequency down or stimulates it if it isn't functioning in harmony.  

85% of all diseases are caused by emotional stress.  These patterns of stress show up as imbalances in energy distribution throughout a persons biofield.  Biofield clearing re-calibrates our energy leaving us more centered and balanced.  The nervous system can reset into a more relaxed place, resulting in immediate and sometimes profound relief from pain, tension and anxiety.  In addition, you will become more aware of the workings of your own energetic body which can make it easier to recognise and overcome self-defeating thinking and behaviour.

Biofield clearing therapy takes up to 60 minutes and is charged at £40.  At the end of the session you will get a biofield reading which identifies any energy blocks (trauma) identified throughout the treatment, along with an indication of timeline from your birth to your present age.  These anomalies will of course be cleared throughout the treatment.  To book an appointment or to enquire please call 07931 428 128.