Angelic Reiki 

What is Angelic Reiki?

Angelic Reiki shares the characteristics of traditional reiki in that it is a hands on practice however the healing vibration of of the angelic realm sets this apart from other healing modalities.   This divine vibration attunes both myself and the client (you) to our own soul energy, raising consciousness and awakening an awareness to the divine.   The vibration that is passed down from the angelic kingdom is very powerful and focuses on the root cause of any problems you may present with.  The healing vibration feels noticeably different to that of any other reiki energy.  

Angelic Reiki is suitable for anyone of any age and heals deep core issues alleviating emotional and psychological distress, physical complaints that are manifestations of inner trauma as well as clearing blocks for those who feel spiritually stuck.  The cause of any illness or dis-ease you present with may be serving a purpose you have not yet acknowledged.  During Angelic Reiki the beings of light on the higher dimensions may well provide you with insights into the causes of your conditions.  Sessions last for 1 hour and are charged at £45.  Contact me today to book a session or discuss your needs in more detail 07931 428 128.

I am interested in Angelic Reiki, now what? 

Contact me via my contact page to book your appointment.  

Treatments are conducted in a safe and supportive environment.  Following the initial conversation you will be asked to lie down and relax fully-clothed.  I will then place my hands on your body and the healing energy that is perfect in its conception and transmission is accessed through the angelic kingdom of light and channeled to you.  

During this process soul energy and divine angelic archetypes are anchored causing a transformational shift in consciousness.  Angels, archangels, ascended masters and galactic healers then reach into the past to heal all memories of suffering.  Non harmonious physical, emotional and mental conditions including old thought forms than no longer serve you are dislodged and transmuted into a higher vibration promoting a very deep and transformational healing which can bring about seemingly miraculous physical effects. 

Every treatment is unique and at the end we will discuss the experience and I will pass on any specific angelic guidance I received for you.   After the treatment healing continues to  be absorbed at the appropriate physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual levels.  This can continue for up to three weeks.  

If this resonates with you then please contact me today to book your appointment - 07931 428 128